Two top eights for Christie in Shanghai

Elise Christie was forced to settle for eighth place in the 1000m on the final day of the ISU World Cup in Shanghai, after her penalisation in the semi-final meant she was unable to progress to the final. Christie also finish fifth in the 500m yesterday after a dominant performance gave her a convincing win in the B Final.

Christie, who won silver in the 1000m at World Cup I last season, said: ďIím frustrated yeah, but in a way itís good to have a bit of a reality check, because Iím not going to win every race, as much as Iíd like to! The goal is the qualifiers for Olympics, so Iím not worried that I havenít medalled here.Ē

Nick Gooch in ShanghaiChristie was penalised in the quarterfinal of the 1500m, as well as the 1000m semifinal, where she was  seen to be impeding Italian skater Arianna Fontana, who went on to finish fourth.  Performance Director Stuart Horsepool said:

ďElise has been skating ambitiously this week and she has been penalised a couple of times, which happens in our sport. She has a tough race schedule, only one other top female skater who would be expected to qualify for the Olympics entered all three distances (Valerie Maltais), and she withdrew from the 1000m yesterday.Ē

ďThe format of racing here is different to other years because we donít normally have two events on one day. Elise has done well this week because she will have raced eighteen times in four days. If you look at the Olympic programme, the maximum she will have their will be eleven races in two weeks.

ďShe has coped well here and even thought they might not be the results we were hoping for, we are not concerned at her form and we remain focussed on Olympic qualifiers.Ē

European bronze medallist Charlotte Gilmartin put in a strong performance to reach the semi-finals of the 1500m, finishing in eighteenth place overall, while Richard Shoebridge finished fifth in both his quarterfinals to give him an overall fourteenth and thirteenth place finish in the 500m and 1000m respectively.  Jack Whelbourne also finished 25th overall in the 1500m after finishing fifth in his quarterfinal, which was won by eventual winner Jinkyu Noh (KOR).

Christie and Gilmartin in training

Stuart Horsepool said the squad is not satisfied by their performance in Shanghai, but are not concerned by the results: ďOur focus always has been Olympic qualifiers, and even though we are disappointed, no one is panicking that it hasnít been their best performance here. It is very frustrating for the squad because skaters from other nations that they were beating two weeks ago at the Invitation Cup in Holland have been winning medals here.

ďAs itís only our second international competition so far of the season, they must learn from their experiences here and build on them at the World Cup in Seoul next week.Ē

The squad will now travel to Seoul for World Cup II (3-6 October), which begins this Thursday.

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