Successful first day in Holland for Team GB

Yesterday  (24th January) was the first day of the ISU European Short Track Speed Skating Championships 2015. The skaters were competing in the individual 1500m and 500m qualifying rounds of the competitions which will conclude today.

Elise Christie and Charlotte Gilmartin both qualified for the 1500m quarterfinals after their heat rounds. Christie finished in first place ahead of Sweden’s Ranva Ezzi. And Charlotte Gilmartin finished her first Heat round in second place closely behind Russia’s Sofia Prosvirnova. 

Christie also qualified for the 500m quarterfinal after winning her first heat. Charlotte Gilmartin came third in her Heats just behind Germany’s Anna Seidel.

Jack Whelbourne also had a successful start to the competition qualifying for the Mens 1500m and 500m quarter finals after finishing in second place in both of his heats. Whelbourne also competed in the 5000m Men’s Relay team who have also qualified for the quarter finals after finishing in second place after the Russian team.

Stuart Horsepool, Performance Director of the GB Short Track Squad, said: “The team have performed really well today. They have all been skating to their full potential and the fact that they have qualified for the quarterfinals is a great achievement for the skaters. The skaters have been working hard on their technical skills and it’s great to see those skills coming out on the ice.”

The competition continues tomorrow with the 1500m and 500m finals.

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